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Bethel's Faith Trek Sunday School

Sundays 9:15-10:15
September 7th through May 17th

Bethel's Faith Trek Sunday School is for children who are 3 years old through 8th grade. We have used the Workshop Rotation Model of Sunday School since 2007.

The format of the Workshop Rotation Model is to teach major Bible stories and concepts through kid-friendly multimedia workshops: an Art workshop, Movie, Food, Drama, Music, Games, Puppets, Storytelling and Computers. We teach the same Bible story in all of the workshops for four or five weeks rotating the kids to a different workshop each week. The same teacher is kept in each workshop for all four weeks, teaching the same lesson week after week (with some age appropriate adjustments) to each new class coming in.

More information about the Workshop Rotation Model can be found here.

The workshops Bethel uses are:

HolyWord TheaterHolyWord Theater
Visual media plays a big role in our Children's lives through TV and movies. Children learn the Bible story through a visula format in our new movie style theater - complete with popcorn!


Faithful Feet

Children love to play games! In this workshop, they will use both their minds and bodies to learn the Bible story while they are having fun - they might not know they are learning!

Thou Art! StudioThou Art Studio
Art projects require thinking and expressing, not just assembly. Art projects allow the children to manipulate the materials to express the story in a creative fashion.

Biblical Bytes
Most children are more computer literate than Bible literate. This workshop will use Christian software for teaching and exploring the Bible story.

Good News TentGood News Tent
Children learn the Bible story as it is related to them by a storyteller. Children can talk and ask questions to really learn the story.
The Good News Tent is a replica of what a tent would have looked and felt like back in Biblical times.

Creation Cafe

Creation Cafe'
Children will prepare and eat food as an illustration of the Bible story. Or, they will explore science in relation to the lesson. The sensory experience promotes a powerful experience.


Praise God! Playhouse
Children learn the Bible story by being IN the story. By acting out the story, the Bible is less abstract when the children can place themselves in the story. They retain the facts of the story they have experienced. Complete with stage and costumes.

God's House of Rhythm
Children will express the Bible story through song and musical rhythm.
This workshop will use a variety of musical instruments in an expression of God's love!

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