You Are Invited To Join Us
Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

As Minnesotans, we tend to talk a lot about the weather. Perhaps the reason for this is that it helps us mark time. The past two years have had a lot of disruption, and our rituals of the seasons that help us mark time were up-ended. This has been tough for many.

As of late, we are refocusing our efforts around building community as we have identified a real need in this area. While this is a core function of what we do as a church, building and/or rebuilding community helps renew connections and remind us that we are not alone. Quite the opposite. We see a lot of love in our neighborhood!

As we enter the Advent Season, we are thrilled to offer in-person services for those who would like to attend worship at Bethel. For anyone desiring an online option, we continue to provide access to our worship services HERE ON OUR WEBSITE and on our YouTube channel (Bethel Lutheran Minneapolis).

Please join us however you are most comfortable as we reconnect with one another to celebrate the coming of the Christmas Miracle for the 2022 season and into the new year!

Worship Services


Sunday, 11/27 – 10am – There’s room for every story

Sunday, 12/4 – 10am – God meets us in our fear

Sunday, 12/11 – 10am – We can choose a better way

Sunday, 12/18 – 10am – We see God in each other

Saturday, 12/24 – 5:30pm – We tell this story
Sunday, 12/25 – 10am (online only) – Lessons and Carols

Sunday, 1/1 – 10am – God dwells with us
Sunday, 1/8 – 10am – We keep seeking

Another way that Bethel is creating opportunities for reconnecting with others, is with our Concert Series. This program was shelved due to the pandemic but we are thrilled to be able to restart this part of our programming.


Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month, through March for an evening of beautiful music. For anyone new to this program, this is our way of sharing our talents, instruments, and space with all those who love live music. Not overtly church—it is an opportunity to indulge your senses and relax. We hope to see a lot so of new faces as the months progress. 


Brother Timothy
December 10, 2022

Matt Yetter
January 14, 2023

Phil Radtke
February 11, 2023

Herm and Vince
March 11, 2023

Tickets are by donation: $10 suggested.


Doors open at 5:30 and the show starts at 6:00. 

All are welcome!