A new addition to Bethel's commitment to Creation is a natural playground for children in the neighborhood to play on. It was Designed and built by Eagle Scout Carter Pitt of Scout Troop 38 (which meets at Bethel).  Rather than relying on plastics and non-recyclable material, this playground is made of tree trunks and other goodies provided by Mother Nature.  Come and have a climb!  

Rain Garden.png


Bethel is proud to have a rain garden on our property. The purpose of a rain garden is to capture the rain from the parking lot which would run-off into the drain and eventually into the rivers and streams. The water is now filtered through the ground and will help to remove many impurities. As stewards of our property we chose several years ago to install this large area with native plants that will be attractive to both butterflies and bees.



The labyrinth is used as a tool for personal reflection. Everyone experiences it differently. Some use it as a place to walk and pray. Others may simply find its center, lie down in the grass, and gaze into the sky. There is no right or wrong way to use a labyrinth.

The labyrinth symbolizes the twists and turns our lives take through time. While you walk or concentrate on the pathways, use the time to reflect on your own challenges, stresses, hopes, and dreams. Meditate, pray, or think on these things, and work your way through the path as you work your way through life.

Community Gardens.png


Bethel is home to Bancroft Neighborhood Community Gardens.  This land is dedicated to helping our neighbors have access to growing healthy food.  As South Minneapolis is increasingly becoming a food desert, space to grow veggies and flowers becomes even more important.  Contact Bancroft Neighborhood Association to reserve your spot!

Solar Panels.png


Bethel's commitment to clean energy and Eco-justice in God's world is reflected by the large solar array on our roof.  Bethel is proud to be a leader as Minnesota moves toward greener and renewable sources of energy.