Bethel Lutheran
Community Resources


Community Emergency Services provides "high-quality direct service to people in need. Through direct aid relief, advocacy, referral, guidance and prayer support, if desired, CES seeks to strengthen families and individuals. The goal of CES is to move them beyond crisis to financial stability, as well as emotional health, personal growth and spiritual depth."

"CES meets hunger where it is a critical need, on clients' food shelves with Home Delivery to the homebound and Meals on Wheels to seniors. CES fosters community among its clients, because a strong community is the best hope for sustainable relief from hunger and poverty. CES partners with other community-based services that aid clients in building a foundation for stability and independence."


Sabathani Community Center provide services to assist families in need. Some of the things they offer are after school programs for youth, senior center health resources, food, clothing, and many other services and goods. They are located in South Minneapolis.


United Way 2-1-1 provides "free and confidential health and human services information for people in Minnesota." This is a one stop place to call and find info that is helpful for drug and alcohol abuse,  crisis intervention and counseling, employment and much more.