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Bethel Spaces To Share

The congregation and staff at Bethel have made a conscious effort to make our property open and welcoming to our neighbors, friends, and nearby organizations who might want or need a place to gather. If you are interested in meeting at Bethel, we have a mix of open spaces outside that you are welcome to use if they are not being used at the time, and reservable/rentable spaces as well (mostly inside the building). For more information please visit the FACILITIES tab and click on Bethel's Facilities, where we have additional information and a reservation form you can fill out. Welcome, and we are glad you are here!

The Back Yard

The Back Yard at Bethel is a large green space including picnic tables that sits between the south side of our building and our parking lot. At different times of the year we will host events, worship, live music, and day camp activities on the lawn. This space is open to the public at no cost. If you are interested in using this space casually, you are welcome to do so if it is not in use. For a more organized activity such as a family reunion or graduation lunch, we suggest completing the form on our Facilities page to reserve the appropriate date and time. 

As a courtesy, please clean up after yourself, and if you see litter, help our staff and members keep our spaces clean by pitching in. Pets are welcome as long as they are monitored, on a leash, and cleaned up after. 


Private Courtyard

A lesser known space at Bethel is our Private Courtyard Garden that sits at the center of our building. This space, like most others within Bethel, is available for reservation and rental by both members and the general public. However, this space does require advance scheduling and has some small fees for use for non-members. This is a great space for fellowship and is often a space that is used while hosting a wedding at Bethel as a place to relax and reflect. If you would like to know more about our courtyard or to get a tour, please inquire with the office. 

Check back again; we are continuing to build this section out. 


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