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Bethel Board of Administrators

Bethel Lutheran Church is governed by an elected board of members who oversee the staffing and management of the affairs of the church from a business stance. The B.O.A members and officers serve 2-year terms and the board consists of the Board President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Pastor, and 2 members-at-large. The B.O.A. collaborates with a companion committee, the Mission Council, to help the congregation, staff, and Bethel community realize their full calling. 

Current B.O.A. roster: Ann Allison(President), Laurie Haugie(VP.), Bryan Mann-Entzel(Secretary), Paul Kile(Treasurer), Pr. Brenda Froisland(Sr. Pastor), Les Johnson, and Dean Anderson(Members-At-Large).

Bethel Mission Council

Bethel Lutheran Church's mission and outreach activities are led by The Mission Council; a committee of elected members who serve 2-year terms, with the purpose of planning and executing the church's mission and programming. The M.C. collaborates with the Board of Administrators to establish and fun the church's engagement, and the M.C. has a more public-facing function with regard to how Bethel interacts with the community outside Bethel. Members of the M.C. may also serve on additional sub-committees with-in the church that are focused on topics such as Children, Youth, and Families, or Stewardship. 

Current B.O.A. roster: Stephanie Johnson(Chairperson), Janet Anderson, Norma Lanning, Jim Lehr, Anna Olsen, Lizzy Kile, Pastor Brenda Froisland(Sr. Pastor), Michelle Lewis(Grant Manager).

Children, Youth, and Family Committee

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Stewardship Committee

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Endowment Committee

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Personnel Committee & Budget Committee

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Nominating Committee, Visitation Committee & Search Committee

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